A Busy Weekend for Art in Pixelmind!

Spend a little time scrolling through our art feed on Discord and Twitter, and you'll see just how quickly people can create stunning works of art. There is so much art, in fact, we thought we'd take a moment to sample some of the exciting pieces that em in our feeds over the weekend.

First, we loved this food series from new user @JessMikeTrick, which he showed off in this Tweet Thread:

Sometime @Pixelmindai #ai generator blows my mind. I was eating onions and carrots earlier. I thought why not test a bit. So here's another #TrickyCreations piece. Prompt(my words to the ai)- an onion bursting, behind a carrot, using broad brush stokes, in the style of Monet.

@JessMikeTrick followed this up with one more creation:

Since last night's dish turned out so great. Figured I try it again...'Stuffed Pork chops and Baked Beans'

Sounds like a fun challenge - create a realistic, and appealing, dinner if the one you actually cooked didn't work out so well, or maybe see what Pixelcat thinks you should eat for dinner!

We also saw long-time Pixelmind users get a chance to use Majesty Diffusion - our new, an incredibly good, AI model that can produce realistic faces and high levels of detail (Have you tried it yet? Click here for more info).

For example, @Sovic77, a major artist and collaborator in our community, shared the own fruits of

his experiment on Twitter.

Finally getting some time to play with the new Majesty Diffusion from @Pixelmindai. Very impressed!

Users also got to play around with a new series by Adam B. Levine, called "Personal Dieties."

In our free form interface, Imaginarium, we saw user @Mincap experiment with a fascinating science fiction world:

AI art is a powerful force for supercharging your creativity. Don't just take it from us. Digital artist VERA tweeted: "AI tools like @midjourney & @Pixelmindai are so facilitating, powerful, and addicting! I’m obsessed!"

What will you create? CLICK HERE

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