Start Creating in Pixelmind with Your 3-Day Free Trial

Updated: Aug 29

Yesterday, we opened up beta subscriptions to Pixelmind, our state-of-the-art text to image AI toolkit. The earliest subscribers get unlimited generations for only $50 a month until the site's full launch. This is an exciting, new technology that takes some learning to master it.

For those new to text to image AI art, see the amazing masterpieces you could create in a matter of minutes at

For more on the pass itself, check out our previous blog post "Supercharge Your Creativity with Pixelmind"

To get signed into watch this video below with Pixelmind Founder, Adam B. Levine. If you don't yet have your subscription, visit this link to get a 3-day free trial.

Once you've logged on, the creating begins. The first way to start using the AI tools is through our 'Series' platform, a guided creation tool that allows you to use just a few words to generate amazing works of art!

After mastering the Series creation mode, go have a look at how to create in Imaginarium, our free form creation tool, where you can determine exactly the style and format of your image. We've preloaded the Imaginarium with go-to styles, such as 'Painted Portrait, 'Coherent Objects,' 'Monet & Painting Styles,' and much more.

If you need more help navigating the site or getting your free trail, you're welcome to join our community of creators on Discord at

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