How to Get Unlimited Image Generations for FREE!

Text to image AI generation is on the rise! Yet, many are curious how they can try it without having to come out of their pocket. As an emerging tech, you have to wonder, is it worth the money? We here at Pixelmind KNOW it is but for you skeptics out there, we've done something special. The Pixelmind Discord is now running our Discord Bot "Pixelcat" FREE for you to use!

For a limited time we are giving away UNLIMITED image generations, so new and curious users can get a feel for what this incredible technology can do. From therapeutic uses to lucrative ones, the bottom line is, it's just FUN to play with. Creative people with no artistic abilities can now design works of art and graphic masterpieces that express their inner desires without having to draw a thing. To make it even easier, our newest version of the bot allows pictures to be created with emojis!

Now is the perfect time to let your mind go wild with the possibilities!!

Visit our Discord and see for yourself!

Don't forget to share your amazing images and tag us on social media!

-Pixelmind Team

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