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The Data One on Wax

A Brittany Kaiser and VESA collaboration is moving onto the next phase of the project roadmap, as one of the artworks produced gets dropped as a part of VESA’s Senses-series. The notorious whistle-blower, known from her Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, collaborated with VESA at his studio in November of 2021. The unveiling is facilitated by long-time friends and collaborators, The Bad Crypto Podcast crew and minted on Wax. The piece, called ‘The Data One’ gives major Matrix bullet dodging vibes and is personal not only for Brittany, but for all of us who ought to focus on owning and monetizing our data.

We are incredibly grateful to the WAX community who came to support the early stage to make the physical production possible. The next phase is fundraising for the post-production phase.

Returning to our senses

The Senses series is a new 60 work start for a new NFT venture with a partnership with Pixelmind. It features some of the best nude photography taken by VESA with his bodypaint models since 2008 combined with an enhanced free flow paint experience & a road map to awe.

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